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The Bad Penny Crew

bad penny crew

The only existing photo showing all seven members of the Bad Penny crew was damaged. Sometime over the 62 years since the end of WWII one third of the picture had been cut off; the heads and shoulders were missing from the top four men.

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Back row: (L-R) Stan Jones, John Corner, Bob Upcott, Bill Walton
Front row: (L-R) Orval Blower, Bill Demo, Bill Gray

Ages of the crew and their hometowns at the time the men were crewed up, November 1944:

Name Title Birthplace Age
Bob Upcott Pilot Windsor, Ontario 21
Bill Walton Navigator Toronto, Ontario 20
Bill Gray Bomb-Aimer London, Ontario 22
Stan Jones Wireless/Op. London, England 19
Orval Blower Mid-Upper Gunner Port Credit, Ontario 19
Bill Demo Rear Gunner St. Thomas, Ontario 18
John Corner Flight Engineer Manchester, England 35

London Gazette Press Clipping, May 1945

Bob Upcott and John Corner of Bad Penny receive a Distinguished Flying Medal for their leadership during WWII. (Requires Adobe Reader®)

crew in 1997
baseball team
bill walton
stan and john
Photo: Wim Van Duyn
Bad Penny crew in front of Windsor Lancaster FM 212 located in Jackson Park, Windsor, Ontario, September 10, 1997. (L-R) Bill Gray, Stan Jones, Orville "Oz" Blower, Bill Walton, Bob Upcott. (missing John Corner and Bill Demo)
(L-R) Bill Demo, Bill Gray, Stan Jones, Oz Blower and Bob Upcott hanging out after a baseball game on Stan's 20th birthday in Ludford Magna, England, March 9th, 1945
Bill Walton, Bad Penny Navigator, stands in front of Hut #8, crew quarters, in Ludford Magna, England, March 9th, 1945
101 Squadron, Stan Jones (L), Wireless Radio Operator and John Corner, Flight Engineer, April 1945 in Ludford Magna England

Character Bios

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