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Bad Penny Crew Composite Photo

bad penny crew

The only existing photo showing all seven members of the Bad Penny crew was damaged. Sometime over the 62 years since the end of WWII one third of the picture had been cut off; the heads and shoulders were missing from the top four men.

Glen Mitchell, author of “A Bad Penny Always Comes Back,” asked the staff at Walkerville Publishing (producers of his book) if they could possibly create a composite photo using other snapshots of the missing men. Walkerville Publishing rose to the challenge and graphic designer, Chuck Rees (designer of this Web site and a Photoshop master), painstakingly recreated the photo using a variety of other photos. He even rebuilt the barracks behind the men.

bad penny crew
Original image

Several copies of the photo were made and presented to crew members or their families.

Back row: (L-R) Stan Jones, John Corner, Bob Upcott, Bill Walton
Front row: (L-R) Orval Blower, Bill Demo, Bill Gray