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Windsor’s “Bad Penny” on the Move

In this presentation of our Lancaster, I've tried to tell the story through pictures, from the pylon in the Lancaster Rose Garden, Jackson Park, Windsor, to our final move to Windsor Airport. The first slide of our FM212 flying, was created in the “digital darkroom” by using three different pictures: the Lanc mounted on the pylon in Jackson Park, a photo of it on display in the Sears parking lot in Windsor, and then a photo of a sky filled with clouds. Part of Churchill's famous speech to parliament on June 18, 1940 starts the presentation. After the speech, please use your mouse for each slide as Moonlight Serenade plays. Many of us will remember dancing with our loved ones to that Glenn Miller classic. I sure do.

George Mock, Windsor

Lancaster article from July 2007 issue of FlyPast, Britain's Top-Selling Aviation Monthly Magazine.

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