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Great Web links relating to Operation Manna. Canadian aviation history, museums and aviation groups.
Featured link: 65th Anniversary of Food Drop in Holland - April 29th, 2010 marks the 65th anniversary of the test flight of Bad Penny.

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Operation Manna/Chowhound

The Windsor Connection: Kate & Will Wed on Special Anniversary
Not only was April 29, 2011 the date of the latest Royal wedding, it also marked the 66th anniversary of "Operation Manna". This was the Allies' daring food relief mission for the starving people of occupied Holland during WWII. The first Lancaster loaded with food to test the mission's feasibility was flown by RCAF Pilot Bob Upcott of Windsor, Ont.

Conference brings hope to starving Dutch
Radio broadcast from April 30, 1945. Food is finally on the way for 3.5 million Dutch citizens on the brink of starvation.

The Chowhound and Manna Missions Remembered
This website is dedicated to remembering the food drop missions in Holland in 1945 through news articles, personal and professional photos, Airmen and local residents memories, monuments, and documentaries.

The Mercy Missions Remembered in Post-War Years
Interview with Pilot Bob describing how years later, he came to realize how much the food drops meant.

65th Anniversary of Food Drop in Holland
April 29th, 2010 marks the 65th anniversary of the test flight of Bad Penny.

Info on how to make Tulip Bulb Puree
Mimeographed recipes for puree, mash, biscuits, and cake made from tulip bulbs.

Dutch Famine of 1944
The Dutch famine of 1944, known as the Hongerwinter ("Hunger winter") in Dutch, was a famine that took place in the occupied northern part of the Netherlands.

Bad Penny Foundation
Blog written in Dutch.

Who were the Nazis?
Overview of the ideology and practice of the Nazi Party and of Nazi Germany.

Canadian Aviation

Canadian Historical Aircraft Association
The Canadian Historical Aircraft Association‚ CH2A‚ was officially incorporated as a non-profit organization in March, 1995 with a mission statement of "To Honour Canadian Veterans by Preserving, Maintaining, Restoring, Displaying‚ and Demonstrating antique or vintage military and civilian aircraft considered important to Canadian aviation history.”


Canadian Aviation Historical Association
The Canadian Aviation Historical Society is the oldest and largest organization dedicated to the celebration and documentation of Canada's flying heritage.

Canadian Aviation Museum
The Canada Aviation Museum is recognized as having the most extensive aviation collection in Canada and one which ranks among the best in the world. It has grown to include more than 130 aircraft and countless artifacts such as engines, propellers, instruments, armament, flying gear and wind tunnel models.

I Love Aviation
This website is dedicated being a premier information source for Canadian Pilots, Cabin Crew, Ground Crew and anyone else in the Canadian Aviation and Aerospace Industries.

Aerospace Museum Association of Calgary
The Aero Space Museum — a living history documenting aviation in Canada. Learn the stories of the trailblazers who dreamt of flight. Discover the pioneers who adapted aircraft for trade and recreation. Be inspired by the heroes who fought for Canada from the skies or, by the adventurers who set their sights to outer space.

Alberta Aviation Museum
The Alberta Aviation Museum has 27 aircraft on display, over 40 display cabinets and exhibits, an aircraft restoration area, personal artifact displays of famous Bush Pilots W.R. "Wop" May, Stan McMillan and others.

The British Columbia Aviation Museum
The British Columbia Aviation Society is dedicated to preserving aircraft and aviation artifacts. They collect, restore and display aircraft and artifacts related to the history of aviation in Canada, with emphasis on British Columbia.

Canadian Air Defense Museum
Opened in June 1997 and officially recognized as a military museum by the Canadian Armed Forces, the Bagotville Air Defence Museum dedicated to the history of military aviation. The mission of the museum is to preserve, to explain and to disseminate the military aeronautical heritage of Canada.

Canadian Aviation Heritage Centre
The Canadian Aviation Heritage Centre (CAHC) is a community oriented, non-profit organization. The CAHC is on the Macdonald Campus of McGill University in Ste-Anne-de-Bellevue (Montréal), Québec. The CAHC will use a variety of displays and lectures to stimulate interest in Canada's rich aviation history.

The Canadian Museum of Flight
The Canadian Museum of Flight is located at the Langley Airport, and is a non-profit, volunteer driven museum dedicated to restoring, preserving and showcasing Canada's rich aviation heritage. The Museum and restoration site is open year round, and houses over 25 aircraft both static and flying.

Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum
Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum is a living museum featuring the aircraft used by Canadians or Canada's Military from the beginning of World War II up to the present. The Museum's collection includes aircraft that really fly and several that remain on static display and are interactive workshops.

Comox Air Force Museum
The Comox Air Force Museum displays the heritage of 19 Wing Comox and West Coast Canadian Military Aviation. The museum records the history and heritage of all of Canada’s Air Forces, from the short-lived Royal Flying Corps of Canada (1917-1918) and Canadian Air Force (1918-1924) through the glory years of the Royal Canadian Air Force (1924-1968), unification of the forces in 1968 and on into the present day.

Great War Flying Museum
Formed in 1970 at Brampton, Ontario, this all-volunteer group is dedicated to recreating the sights, sounds and feel of World War One combat aircrafts. In doing so, we honor the pilots who served with gallantry and distinction during the Great War of 1914 - 1918. We build, maintain and fly World War One replica fighter aircraft.

Greenwood Military and Aviation Museum
We house permanent and temporary exhibits that reflect the history of units that have called Greenwood home. The permanent displays encompass the early formation of the base in 1942 and proceed through the Lancaster, Neptune, Argus and Aurora eras. The history of Greenwood’s present day squadrons: 14 AMS, 404, 405, 413, 415, 434 and 14 SES are proudly displayed in a special area set aside for the squadron historians.

Quebec Air and Space Museum
Aerovision Quebec was created to generate an awareness of the exceptional contribution of the province of Quebec to the conquest of the air. The Québec Air and Space Museum and Hall of Fame is devoted to the preservation of the aeronautical heritage of Quebec, as well as that of the pioneers and heroes of our aviation history.

Toronto Aerospace Museum
The Toronto Aerospace Museum is a non-profit society dedicated to developing an exciting aviation educational, heritage and tourist. It’s the oldest aviation heritage building in the Greater Toronto Area and the oldest surviving aircraft factory in Canada. Some museum exhibits include sport aircraft and trainers, piston and Toronto-made jet engines, and rare flight training simulators used to instruct pilots in the 1940s and 1950s.

Western Canada Aviation Museum
The Western Canada Aviation Museum offers a unique mix of history and science. The original aircraft hangar, includes several one-of-a-kind aircrafts, such as Canada's first helicopter, the CL-84 Tilt-wing, our 'flying saucer' Avrocar, and of course, historic military jets, bushplanes and commercial aircraft.

Canadian Aviation is one of Canada's most visited aviation web sites, from student pilots to 747 captains, from flight service technicians to some of Canada's largest aviation industry executives. This website features recent news, forums and photos.

Canadian Aviation Artist Association
Bringing together artists, sculptors, historians and enthusiasts interested in the history of Canadian aviation art and the Canadian aerospace industry. Displaying the works created by our members in order to stimulate public interest in Canadian aviation art and promote Canadian aviation history

Canadian Aeronautical Preservation Association
"The Canadian Aeronautical Preservation Association exists to promote the preservation of aircraft, Canadian aviation history, and the retention in Canada of aircraft, airframes, associated artifacts and related materials significant to Canadian aviation."

Air Force Association of Canada
The Royal Canadian Air Force Association was formed in 1948 as a national advocacy group to support the Royal Canadian Air Force, and to unite Air Force veterans of the Second World War
The purpose of this site is to bring people together who have a common interest in aviation history.

National Archives of Canada
Library and Archives Canada collects and preserves Canada's documentary heritage, and makes it accessible to all Canadians. This heritage includes publications, archival records, sound and audio-visual materials, photographs, artworks, and electronic documents such as websites.


International Aviation

The History of Flight and the People Who Made it Possible
As human beings watched birds and insects fly through the air, jealousy of their ability to soar has always been present. The freedom and convenience of flight has always been a desire of the human race.

The Aviation History Online Museum
This site offers technical specifications, history and photos from scores of airplanes from around the world. Read Airmen bios and stories or take a virtual tour of the Garber restoration facility.

National Museum of the United States Air Force (NASA)
The National Museum of the United States Air Force galleries present military aviation history, boasting more than 300 aircraft and missiles — many rare and one-of-a-kind — along with thousands of historical items and powerful sensory exhibits that bring history to life and connect the Wright brothers' legacy with today's stealth and precision technology.

Royal Air Force Museum
RAF Museum London is Britain's only national air museum dedicated to aviation and has a total collection of well over two hundred aircraft; over a hundred full-size aircraft from all over the world are displayed under cover on the historic site of the original London Aerodrome. The London collection includes some very early airplane designs, war planes including the legendary Battle of Britain Spitfire airplanes and Lancaster Bombers of World War II, through to the latest modern day jets and military aircraft. This site contains a comprehensive library of pictures, photos and detailed information about all of the airplanes in the Museum's different collections.
High quality images of military and civil aircrafts from early aviation era until present including the World Wars along with aerobatics, and aerial images. You can visit some of them at following links:


About Lancasters

The Nanton Lancaster Society Air Museum
The Nanton Lancaster Society Air Museum is the only facility in Canada whose primary goal is to honour those who served with Bomber Command. Their website features information on Canadian Lancasters, Lancasters after the war and world's surviving Lancasters as well as information on other aircrafts and Operation Manna.


Windsor & Area Historical Groups/Museum

Windsor Public Library/Windsor’s Community Museum
Windsor’s Community Museum is a historical gem that has been preserved, symbolizing the very roots of Windsor. View exhibits, collections, education programs, reference library features maps, pictures and microfilm.

Windsor Historical Society
The Windsor Historical Society is dedicated to preserving the heritage of Windsor, promoting interest in local history and facilitating research and education to reveal the influence of local historical events and figures on the character of the city as it is today.

The Times Magazine
The Times Magazine is unlike any publication in Canada. It celebrates the unique heritage of Windsor and area, including Detroit, while highlighting current events.
The website contains hundreds of stories and over 1000 photos of Windsor’s and area’s rich history. Stories include crime in the city and rum running days, the auto industry, local schools, places and people we remember, black history, sports heritage, the mysterious and disastrous and more.

The Canadian Transportation Museum
The Canadian Transportation houses various modes of transportation, from the mid 1800s up to the 1992 Dodge Viper. The museum includes horse and oxen drawn carts, a 1904 Mitchell horse drawn hearse, fire trucks, Ford Model Ts and As, one of only 117 Ford cars made by Ford of Canada in their first year of production in 1904 and more.

Walkerville Publishing Inc.
Walkerville Publishing is a full-service traditional and new media publishing house based in Windsor, Ontario. Capabilities include graphic design, copy writing, editing, website development and promotion, corporate marketing and communication strategies. Walkerville Publishing also assists authors interested in self-publishing high-quality, professionally edited and designed soft and hardcover books.