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About the Operation Manna Logo

manna logo

The official and exclusive Operation Manna logo was designed by Lorraine Cantin, Desktop Publisher Coordinator, Document Imaging Centre, University of Windsor. In late 2006, members of the Canadian Historical Aircraft Society of Windsor came to her with an idea for a logo to commemorate Operation Manna that would combine a maple leaf and tulips with the
writing in a circle.

Lorraine's first version of the logo was more realistic with more of a fine art appearance. She explains, "When designing logos, I always do a symbolic design as well, which lends itself to screen printing, embroidery, etc. didn't think that this is what they wanted but sure enough, that's the one they picked."

Lorraine's beautiful and vibrant Operation Manna logo will help ensure that this important moment in time is kept in our hearts and memories forever. She arranged to have the design registered, giving copyright ownership to the Canadian Historical Aircraft Association CH2A.

For use of the logo, please contact

Pauline Stanton
c/o Canadian Historical Aircraft Association
Group Box 40, Airport Road
Windsor, Ontario
Canada, N8V 1A2