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Bad Penny kept turning up

Windsor Star, Letter published: Thursday, May 10, 2007

I want to thank The Windsor Star for covering the movement of our City of Windsor Lancaster Memorial from Jackson Park to Devonshire Mall for public display. It will continue on to its new home at Windsor Airport on May 13. The Canadian Historical Aircraft Association has reason to be thankful for many blessings.

A recently published children's book has been written about Windsor's own Bob Upcott and his Bad Penny crew. Titled, A Bad Penny Always Comes Back, the book is an accurate account of the first humanitarian flight which became Operation Manna. It is a testimony to those heroic Bomber Command veterans and their willingness to risk all in order to feed 3.5 million Dutch citizens in the final days of the Second World War. Profits from the book are shared between two charities, the ALS Society of Ontario and the Canadian Historical Aircraft Association (

In an effort to further raise community awareness, we have chosen to honour Flying Officer Bob Upcott by christening our Windsor Lancaster "Bad Penny." Mayor Eddie Francis proclaimed the month of May Operation Manna and the Liberation of Holland Month.

It is an honour to be allowed to preserve our city Lancaster, tell the story of Operation Manna and celebrate the enduring love between nations that exists between the Netherlands and Canada. We are further committed to the concept that by honouring one veteran you honour them all.

I encourage the public to tour Bad Penny at Devonshire Mall. Memorabilia is available, including the book, A Bad Penny Always Comes Back.

Again, I thank The Windsor Star for your continued coverage.

Canadian Historical
Aircraft Association