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What They’re Saying

“A Bad Penny Always Comes Back” is more than the story of an act of kindness during wartime. Glen Mitchell has captured the love between two great nations, Canada and the Netherlands. A bond that is as strong today as it was during the life saving food drops of “Operation Manna” in the final days of WWII.”

S. Michael Beale KTJ
Canadian Historical Aircraft Association

“Dear Mr Mitchell,
I was born in Holland during the hunger winter of 1944 with my parents being near starvation. From very young I remember my parents talking about “manna from heaven” in the form of Swedish white bread which was dropped into our village by kind American, Canadian and British pilots. You guys really saved my life.”

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“Dear Mr. Mitchell,
I did indeed receive "A Bad Penny Always Comes Back" last week -- thanks so much for inscribing it! I was also very pleased to see that Stan Jones, the radio operator, had signed it as well. I'm glad he got to see the publication of your book before he died in 2009 -- I'm sure it made him feel good to know that the story of Operation Manna would continue to be told.”

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"What a delightful publication. An extraordinary story told in simple terms that the youngsters will understand. I had no idea of the involvement of the Canadian Air Force."
Vicky Houlson

"We received the book in perfect condition and I gave it to my son this weekend as an Easter present. He absolutely loved it and wants to take it to school to show the rest of his class.

It’s a very lovely book, well written and illustrated and I agree with somebody else’s comment on your site that every school should have a copy. I’ll spread the word!

Many thanks once again for all your assistance and also for helping to keep the memory of Operation Manna alive in raising awareness in a new generation."
Never Forget!
Wendi Fisher
United Kingdom

“I ordered the book through this website and really enjoyed it. Amazing how much information is in the short captions! Just great that you are educating school kids!”

Jim Bodkin

“This delightful book is dedicated to all the starved children in war-torn Holland. One of these starving children was Peter (his real name) who saw it all happen and was saved. In 1995 Peter was able to say thank you when the pilot, officer Bob Upcott, and his crew, as well as the plane BAD PENNY, were honoured for what they did in 1945 to save the starving people in Holland.

The story is told with the real names of the pilot and his crew who did the food dropping that saved so many lives in Holland. It also tells a bit about Holland and how year after year the country shows its gratitude to Canada.

The pictures are bright and cheerful and the text does not dwell too heavily on the real tragedy of war or on the multitude of victims of this war who suffered through persecution, heavy bombing and forced starvation, especially in the big cities, during that terrible time known to us as the HUNGER WINTER in WWII.”

Lini R.Grol
Brampton, ON

Note: Lini Grol, a Canadian Citizen from the Netherlands who lived through the deprivations of WWII believes that “too few people in Canada realize what their soldiers fought and died for. This book should be in all the schools in Canada.”

“This story can help you understand true human kindness. Even in war-time, when all seems hopeless, someone can come through and help you out.”

Rosalie Edwards,
Ecole L'Envolée, Windsor ON

“Glen Mitchell's children's book, 'A Bad Penny Always Comes Back', is a fitting tribute to the Windsor, Canadian and Allied aviators who risked their lives to bring food to the starving people of the Netherlands in the closing days of World War II. Many Dutch children and their families were saved from starvation because of these brave actions. Just as the Dutch people remember this heroism, so should we and our children. This story will do much to keep this very noble part of our history alive.”

Eddie Francis,
Mayor of Windsor, Ontario, Canada

“Dear Glen,
Thank you for writing this book. It is lovely.

You told me the book targeted younger kids. Personally, I think you've published a book for all generations.

After I picked the books up this afternoon, I stopped at the side of the road to read one. You were right of course; these two thoughtful little girls will be very interested in the story.

As will their mother. With her long-time interest in the Canadian Air Force, she took one look inside and recognized the Lancaster. She's a teacher, and will use it in her class around Remembrance Day.

Then there's my father. Although he stayed in Windsor during the war years, he was fully engaged in the effort. I only had to suggest it twice, and he has taken a copy home to his retirement residence so he can read it at his leisure.

So that covers the 4 - to - 94 years span. Not bad, I'd say.
An important job well done.”

Lorraine Drummond

“I have read your book and I must say, I am impressed. Thank you for your efforts. Education of our young people is critical. Without preservation of great historical events, their memory and significance is lost. You have presented history in a very unique manner. Bravo.”

Ron Truant